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                                            When Timing Is Everything! 

EFI Interceptor
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Vortex Performance is a world leader in Programmable CDI's and ECU's for  Off Road Motorcycles, ATV's and Minibikes.  Inventors of the worls first Dual Curve and then X10 CDI  Vortex now introduces the first X10 ECU for fuel injected Dirt Bikes and ATV's. Vortex X10 ECU and X10 CDI products are the smallest, most reliable feature full, electronic engine management systems available today. All ECU, EFI & CDI products have been mapped by Vortex's own Richard Muurling backed by 18 years experience in dyno and track testing for race teams worldwide. When you buy a Vortex product it needs no additional programming or tuning just plug it in select the map you like and ride! All the development work is done for you.

Check our range of products  which will help you to become a leader not a follower!

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X10 ECU - Engine Control Unit               EFI INTERCEPTOR - Fuel Control            X10 CDI - Ignition Timing Control

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Handlebar Switch - X10 CDI                       Handlebar Switch - X10 ECU              X10 CDI Software & USB Adaptor

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 X10 ECU Software & USB Adaptor



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