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   Vortex X10 CDI     (rubber splash cap over switch not shown)         X10 Switch

Vortex Performance - Inventors of the  Dual Curve CDI lead the way again with X10 CDI the smallest and most Powerful Programmable CDI’s available. The X10 CDI allows the user to select up to 10 different power modes as easily as adjusting clickers on your suspension. With the advent of X10 Technology the X10 CDI can be programmed with up to 10  Hi Resolution 3D Maps. This give the user the option to select from a range of power settings and customise the engines power delivery to suit a variety of rider styles, different track conditions, fuel octane levels or engine configurations.

- As with the Dual Curve CDI the X10 CDI also allows the rider to change power modes dynamically via a Handlebar Switch.

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From Mild to Wild the possibilities are endless with the X10 CDI

All Vortex CDI’s are factory programmed with Performance Maps developed through dyno and track testing exclusively with our network of technical support centres and top race teams worldwide.

Key Features

bulletPre Programmed with10 selectable power settings via X10 Switch
bulletInstant Plug in Performance (replaces standard CDI with no mods to wiring required)
bulletHandlebar Switch for Dynamic Map Selection
bulletSmall for weight saving and ease of mounting
bulletRubber Mounting Boot + Brackets supplied (where required)
bulletV-Boost - Internal Voltage Boost Circuit for maximising Spark Energy across the entire rev range
bulletPower Jet Control - Multiple On / Off (where applicable)
bulletRev Limiter (where required)
bulletRace Proven Reliability